A low-power, mote-scale Pulsed Doppler Radar sensor board. The Samraksh Company's first offering in a suite of Wireless Sensor Network products.

Comes with the BumbleBee Software Package: device drivers, data collection modules and sample applications for download.

For more information about the BumbleBee, see the Learning page.

Key features:

  • Operates at a 5.8GHz center frequency
  • Coherent quadrature output (both I & Q)
  • Maximum detection range of 10m
  • Maximum range controllable via software down to 1m with range gate sharpness of 0.2m
  • On-board (internal) antenna with 60 degree conical coverage pattern
  • Optimized for human-like targets
  • Responds to radial velocities between 2.6cm/s and 2.6m/s
  • Easily interfaced with mote devices
  • Ships with battery pack and with cabling for use with the .NOW mote
  • Connector boards / do-it-yourself instructions available for interfacing with IRIS/MICAz and Imote2 motes

The BumbleBee Radar enables a number of low-power, wireless sensor network applications including simple motion detection, robust intrusion detection using velocity estimation, velocity-based motion tracking and vibration monitoring.

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Evaluation Kit. Contains 4 single units plus a radar reflector as a testing accessory.

USD 400.00


Single Unit. Contans a radar, battery pack and .NOW connectors.

USD $100.00





User's Manual (pdf)
Spec Sheet (pdf)


  • Note: drivers for .NOW are included with eMote.

  • Device drivers in TinyOS 2.x for TelosB/Tmote Sky motes, IRIS/MICAz motes, TelosB/TmoteSky (as a surrogate ADC for Imote2 motes)

  • Device drivers for Imote2 .NET MicroFramework using the ADC on the ITS400 sensorboard and using  the TelosB/TmoteSky as a surrogate ADC for data acquisition over the I2C bus

  • Data Collection Modules

  • Sample Detector Applications 

Bumblee Software v 200